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Tasks: My Sister's Keeper

What happens when a child is designed or genetically modified in order to cure another child's illness? "My Sister's Keeper" explores the moral dilemmas that surface in this situation.

Scene from "My Sister's Keeper"

A dilemma is a situation in which you have to make a difficult decision. You often have to take a lot of different factors into consideration and no matter what you end up choosing, you will feel conflicted. The film portrays a complicated dilemma and in the following task, we want you to reflect upon and try to prioritize some key aspects in this particular dilemma.

Writing Tasks

  1. First, describe in detail a scene from the film that made a big impression on you. Then explain why this particular scene had such an impact on you.
  2. First, comment on what you have learned by watching this film. Then explain if this film has in any way changed your views on the issue of using genetic science to design a human being?
CC BY-SASkrive av Karl Henrik Aanesen og Sonja Nygaard-Joki.
Sist fagleg oppdatert 22.05.2020


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