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Film: Sing Street

What we call retro or vintage today was once red-hot innovation. Discover the music scene in the 1980s through the film “Sing Street” and see how music can connect, inspire, influence and rebel.
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A snap-shot of the 80s

In the following activity, we want to trigger your interest and enhance your experience of watching the film “Sing Street”, by listening to and learning about some of the most iconic artists and songs of the 1980s.

Divide the following songs between yourselves and answer the two given questions. Agree on a way of presenting the results to the entire class and you will hopefully end up with a snap-shot of 1980s pop culture.

  1. What do you think your song is about?
  2. Can you describe this style of music (use of instruments, kind of sound, rhythm, vocals etc.) and some of the characteristics or features of the music video?
Songs and music videos from the 1980s on YouTube

Duran Duran Rio (1982)
Spandau Ballet Gold (1983)
Aha Take on me (1985)
Michael Jackson Beat it (1982)
Hall & Oates Maneater (1982)
Buggles Video killed the radio star (1979)
Pet Shop Boys West end girls (1985)
U2 Pride (In the Name of Love) (1984)
Adam & The Ants Stand and deliver (1981)
Starship Nothing’s gonna stop us now (1987)
Depeche Mode Just can’t get enough (1981)
Wham! Wake me up before you go-go (1984)
Fine Young Cannibals She drives me crazy (1989)
Joy Division Love will tear us apart (1980)
The Cure Lovesong (1989)
Genesis Invisible Touch (1986)

Final class challenge

Now that you have been introduced to some of the most iconic artists and songs of the 1980s - what would you say is typical of the music scene in the 1980s?

Film: Sing Street (1h 41min)

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Choose one of the songs from the film "Sing Street", study some of its most important features and express your findings in writing.

CC BY-SASkrive av Sonja Nygaard-Joki.
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