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Tasks: Chef Flynn

Here are some tasks and activities for the film "Chef Flynn".
En ung gutt med kokkeklær er på et kjøkken og legger mat på fat. Foto

Role-play: Explain the terms

Divide into pairs where A has to explain the following terms in English to B. B pretends to know nothing about these terms and therefore can challenge A with follow-up questions (press "turn" for suggestions of such questions). Perhaps you will both need to use some preparation time to look up some useful words before you start the role-play.

Express your opinion

Choose one of the following questions and write a response where you express your personal opinion about the matter.

  1. In an interview when he is opening his first New York restaurant, someone asks Flynn: "By doing all this, have you robbed yourself of your childhood"? Flynn replies: "I had ten years of childhood. I think that that's enough". What do you think?
  2. Do you think that Flynn McGarry could still have become "the Justin Bieber of food" if he had stayed in high-school, instead of choosing home-schooling?
  3. Flynn's fame also made him a target of online criticism and at one point in the film he says "I had to get over people hating me on the internet". What do you think about this?

What would Flynn serve?

At 19, Flynn McGarry opened up the restaurant "Gem" in New York. A gem is something that is special or beautiful in some way i.e. a beautiful stone that is used to make jewellery. On the restaurant's website they explain that "a typical meal at Gem will consist of 12-15 courses over the span of about two hours". This set menu costs $155, making it one of New York's more expensive restaurants.

The challenge is for you to find a dish that you believe could be served at Flynn's restaurant. Prepare to present a picture or recipe of the dish to the class where you briefly explain why you think this is something Flynn would serve.

Perhaps your class might even be able to make a set menu out of all of the different suggestions!

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Flynn McGarry was only 12 years old when he transformed his living room into an exclusive L.A. supper club and soon became known as "The Teen Chef".

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