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Tasks: Sing Street

"Sing Street" celebrates the power of music. In this task, you get to study a song of your choice from the film.
En ung gutt i forgrunnen, sort hår og sort genser. Ung jente i bakgrunnen med solbriller og sløyfe i håret. Filmplakat

Research and preparation for the writing task

Choose one of the songs from the film (see list below). Read through the lyrics on azlyrics.com and watch the scene again.

The Riddle of the Model (scene: 29:13-31:05)
Up (scene: 36:30-39:05)
A Beautiful Sea (scene: 48:05-49:33)
Drive It Like You Stole It (scene: 1:06:26-1:10:20)
Girls (scene: 1:20:45-1:23:07)
To Find You (scene: 1:23:30-1:26:45)
Brown Shoes (scene: 1:26:53-1:30:45)

Writing task

Write a text with the following three-part structure:


Explain where in the film this particular song is taken from. Why do you think that the main character, Conor, wrote this song at this point in his life? Does this song represent a turning point in the film?


Write three separate paragraphs about three different features of your chosen song. Here are some suggestions of what you can write about:

  • comment on the use of literary devices such as rhyme, repetition, metaphors or symbols
  • describe the use of language i.e. colloquial vocabulary or grammatical features
  • assess the combination of music and lyrics
  • critique a feature, such as something being cliché or too exaggerated

When writing each paragraph, remember to: 1. Make it very clear which feature you are writing about. 2. Find at least one direct quotation in the song to help the reader understand your point. 3. Comment on the effect or consequence of a feature i.e. how it affects your overall impression of the song.


What do you think is the main message of the song? And what is your personal opinion of the song?

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Discover the music scene in the 1980s through the film “Sing Street” and see how music can connect, inspire, influence and rebel.

CC BY-SASkrive av Sonja Nygaard-Joki.
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