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Film: The Imitation Game

“The Imitation Game” (2014) shows not only how history shapes the lives of individuals, but also how an individual can shape the course of history. This resource invites you to explore important historical events through the perspective of the movie.

The life of the main character, Alan Turing, is intertwined with important historical events and developments. We therefore want you to take the opportunity to let the movie inspire you to learn more about history.

It is important that you understand the below task before you start to watch the movie, as this will help you choose an appropriate scene to explore further.

Pre-writing tasks

  1. CHOOSE a scene from the movie that shows or mentions a historical event that interests you.
  2. RESEARCH this event through a variety of different sources.

Writing task

  1. Give a short but detailed DESCRIPTION OF THE SCENE in the movie.
  2. Select THREE MAIN SOURCES and write about their link to the scene in the movie. You can include comments about your personal impression of the source(s) and/or any new knowledge or questions that your research led to.

Here is an example using one of the opening scenes in the movie (it will therefore not spoil any aspect of the movie). Length: approx. 500 words:

This task can easily be changed into an oral presentation. This would also allow for a more visual presentation of the chosen online sources.

CC BY-SASkrive av Sonja Nygaard-Joki.
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