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Together we create the future of learning

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Åpne bilde i et nytt vindu

Norwegian Digital Learning Arena (NDLA) is a joint county enterprise offering open digital learning assets for upper secondary education. In addition to being a compilation of open educational resources (OER), NDLA provides a range of other online tools for sharing and cooperation. The legal liability for the joint county programme is carried by Vestland County Council.

NDLA was established as a project in 2007 and launched the first learning resources in the school year 2008 – 2009. Since then, the portfolio of subjects has been expanded year by year. NDLA currently offers learning resources in around 150 exam subjects, and is by far the largest provider of open learning resources in Norway.

Norway has committed itself to investing in open learning resources through the UN and UNESCO.

NDLA wants to be a team player and partner in the development of open resources and technology in Norway and the world. Open learning resources are characterized by the fact that they are available with an open license that gives teachers, students and everyone else the right to use them. Open licenses provide the opportunity to share, use, create, modify and re-distribute learning resources, and give us in the world community the opportunity for lifelong learning.