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Homeless Teenagers

More than half a million Americans are homeless. However, there are no exact numbers, so reports vary greatly. What kind of picture do you have of a homeless person? Write down at least 3 ideas.
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There are many misconceptions about this group. Some of them have a job and make money, they just have an intolerable situation at home; others are criminals and drug addicts. However, though their situation and resourcefulness may vary greatly none of them are actually living the life they dreamed of.

Listen to what life is like for these homeless teens. As you listen, take notes about each person to answer the comprehension questions.

Tasks and Activities


  1. Why are they homeless?
  2. How do they feel about being homeless?
  3. What are their regrets – if any?
  4. What are their biggest worries and annoyances?
  5. How were they treated by their parents/foster homes? Why?
  6. What do they think about their future? Do they have any dreams left?


  1. Do these teenagers fit your image of homeless teenagers? Explain.
  2. Homeless people are as different as you and I. How does this apply to the teenagers being interviewed? Are they very different? Explain.
  3. What - if anything - do these teenagers have in common besides being homeless?


Write an essay in which you discuss what it is like being homeless and what you feel society could do to help these people. Also, discuss what the homeless themselves might do to improve their situation. (Suggested length 500 words)


Search the Internet for stories about homeless people. Find one person in particular that you present in a two-minute talk. Do this either before a small group or in front of the class.

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