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Tasks: Objectivity in News Reporting

Study the text:

  1. Do you feel the title of the article accurately describes the content? - Suggest alternative titles.
  2. Go over the text Objectivity in News Reporting and give each paragraph in the text a suitable headline. Keep the headlines concise and relevant.
  3. Are there parts of the text you feel do not fit in, or need further explanation?
  4. Write a short summary of the main points of the article.


  1. How well do you think the media covers the news a) at home b) in other parts of the world?

  2. What can we do to ensure that our understanding of events is as close to the truth as possible?

  3. Do you think it is OK that only simple and popular stories are covered?

  4. Can you think of other examples of popular stories which have dominated the news media at the expense of more serious issues?


Below you'll find a news bulletin written in a neutral way. Rewrite the text from the point of view of a journalist who thinks teenagers are out of control (negative bias). Make sure your rewrite includes the facts of the original text.

At 3 p.m. today a motorcycle crashed into a garden fence. The 15-year-old driver sustained mild injuries. He was not wearing a helmet. He received help from Alicia Dale (aged 16), and Patricia Bradley (aged 17) who witnessed the accident and called the emergency services. "One minute he was having fun showing us some tricks on the bike, the next there was a lot of blood", said Patricia Bradley. "It was very scary", added Alicia Dale. The 15-year-old was brought to the local hospital, where he was diagnosed with a broken wrist and mild concussion.


  1. Find an article that you believe shows journalistic bias.

  2. In a group, present the article you have found.

  3. Explain why you think your example shows journalistic bias.

  4. Get feedback from the group: do you all agree that this is an example of journalistic bias?

  5. Discuss whether the journalistic bias shown in the article is likely to have negative consequences.

Websites you may want to visit:

Fox News: Link to Fox News Website
BBC: Link to BBC Website
CNN: Link to CNN Website
NPR: Link to NPR Website
The Daily Mail: Link to the Daily Mail website

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