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What is Time Management and Why is it Important?

Being a student can sometimes be stressful, school assignments may create a workload that can feel overwhelming. Learning how to prioritise and manage your time is an important life skill, and it could, through a few simple steps, enable you to control the work instead of the work controlling you.
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Simply put, it is knowing what tasks you have to accomplish and how much time you have to accomplish them. Time management means mapping out and planning everything that needs to be done, and when it needs to be done.

Establishing good time management habits may greatly improve your chances of showing your very best in your assessments and it may positively affect your stress levels and over-all well being. A lot of school work also needs time to be digested properly, so allocating time to revise and work on a task over several days, can actually lead to increased learning.

Finding yourself in a situation where work is piling up, may leave you feeling overwhelmed and unable to figure out where to start. All kinds of negative feelings may then appear, like stress, guilt and fear of not accomplishing the tasks, and this can lead to a vicious circle: Feeling stressed makes it hard to focus on work, so you leave it, which leads to more work piling up, which leads to more stress.

To break this circle, or to avoid ending up in it, good time management can be of great help. There is no fixed system that will fit everyone, but there are a few tips and tricks that can help you develop a method that works for you.

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