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Interview about Manchester and the Industrial Revolution

Jeff currently works as a taxi driver in Manchester. As it turns out, he also teaches history at university level. In this interview, he shares his knowledge of his main interest - the Industrial Revolution and how it all began in Manchester.

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What ideas come to mind when you hear the word revolution? The word revolution is commonly used in a political context, here, however, it is used in combination with industry. What do you think are the reasons for using such a powerful word as revolution to define this historical event?

Before you start listening to the interview with Jeff, the taxi driver and history teacher, you should make sure that you are familiar with what the Industrial Revolution was and how it all started in Britain and Manchester. Due to its abundant coal reserves and its location by the river Mersey, the city soon became the hub of the Industrial Revolution.

The Industrial Revolution

Manchester Ind. Rev

Manchester and The Industrial Revolution

Tasks and Activities


Listen to the interview. Copy the table into your text editor. What does Jeff tell you about the listed issues? Provide your key words and explanations in the link collection.

Textiles produced in the area
Sources of power
Steam Engine
Infant mortality
Child labour
Working conditions
Show rooms
Historical traces
Global trade

Present-day attitudes to local history


Look at the pictures. Choose one of the pictures and present its "story" in the class.


Use the information Jeff provides in the interview while working with this project about the Industrial Revolution and Child Labour.
Project Work: The Industrial Revolution

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If you would like to know more about modern Manchester, check out this: Manchester

Last updated 11/14/2018
Text: Morten Serkland (CC BY-SA)

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