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At the Restaurant (dialogue)

At a restaurant. Photo.

Sit in pairs and act out a conversation based on the information on the flashcards below. There is a blue card on which to base the waiter/waitress' questions, and a yellow card for the guest. Switch roles when you have gone through the cards once.

Gradually try to free yourself from the exact wording on the cards. Make sure though that you pick up useful phrases and terms.

Feel free to add extra elements into the dialogue - like questions on what the weather is like, if it is a busy day etceteras. There is also a menu below the flash card which you may base additional questions on.

Here are some useful phrases:

  • Welcome to our restaurant! My name is ****** ****** and I am your waiter today, how can I help you!
  • We do hope you will enjoy a delicious meal.
14 tips for a waiter Read more

(source: wikihow.com/Be-a-Waiter)

  1. Always arrive at least 10 minutes before your scheduled shift.
  2. Make sure you are presentable before you leave for work. Always be well-groomed and keep your clothes clean. Wear clean shoes and socks. Your hair should be neat and washed, your nails clean, your uniform/clothes clean and modest. Apply limited quantities of makeup.
  3. Approach your table with a smile and a greeting. Introduce yourself and say your name clearly. " Hello, nice to see you. My name's ___ Can I show you the menus and perhaps take a drink order?" Greet customers with a smile as they enter. Maintain balanced eye-contact, but avoid staring too much. As you seat them at their table, perhaps stir up small conversation as you proceed to take their drink orders.
  4. Take drink orders clockwise starting at your left. If children are present ask for their beverages first, followed by ladies and then gentleman all following the left to right order. This is now the time to discuss the specials.
  5. When you have served their drinks, ask if they have any questions about the menu. Don't rush them unless they are late and even then do it gently. If they are ready to order, take their order clockwise starting at the left and closest to you...if not, proceed to your next table.
  6. Bring out orders in their entirety. Never bring one guest's food without the other's, unless specially instructed otherwise (this may happen if one or more in the party plans to leave early). Normally, there shouldn't be any circumstance causing one part of an order be ready much later than another. If on occasion you foresee this happening and causing a problem, briefly explain the situation and ask how the customer would prefer handling this.
  7. Don't overly badger the customers. Avoid going into eagle-hawk mode. Customers hate to be ogled at or constantly interrupted. How would you feel if someone was glaring at you as you ate your meal? If a table wants something they will glance around to look for you. If you stay alert and watch (not stare) your tables as you walk the floor most customers will make eye contact as a signal that they need you. This can give them the feeling like you're paying attention without hovering or badgering them. When their good food and conversation is over, they will start looking around at other diners or the walls. This can tell you when to clear plates, offer desserts or drop the check.
  8. Clear any of the plates from the current course as soon as it is obvious the customer wants them to be removed. Always clear plates from the previous course completely, before bringing plates from the next course to a table. Before clearing plates, be sure to ask politely. Use a manner and tone consistent with both the atmosphere and the customer. Generally, "May I clear?" is good. In most establishments, make no reference if they are still eating or more likely, the one who is doing the talking is still eating.
  9. You clear the plates after everybody finished their course, as they would start eating only when all the food is served, and they will (hopefully) indicate that everybody is finished their meal by having the fork and knife at the center of the plate.
  10. When the main course is served, always ask "May I get you anything else?" and give them a second to think about it. Check back again within five minutes, with "Are you enjoying everything?" with specific references about the hosts dish,..." How is your Steak?" at the very least. Listen to their response and more importantly read their body language: Many people are shy to speak up about problems, and they may blame that on you come time to leave a tip.
  11. When the main course is cleared ask.." Would you like to see the dessert menu?", but clear the breads and/or soup that they were having before ordering, even if they are not finished.
  12. When they are finished with their meal, ask them "Is there anything else I can bring you?" If they say no, promptly give them their bill and wish them a good day. Don't assume the man will pay. If it becomes directly known to you during their visit which guest will be paying, you may leave the check at the end of the table by him or her. Otherwise, leave the check in the middle of the table. Check is always face down. If it is inside a check envelope, lay it flat on the table, don't stand it up.
  13. Take their payment. Inform your guest that you will prepare the payment for them, i.e. change if cash or you will process their credit card for them. Never ask if they want change: Just break the bills and return quickly with the change/receipt.
  14. When you return, thank them and say something like, " It's been nice to see you" , "hope to see you again soon", OR if they seem to be lingering after their meal, just say "thank you", as they may need refills and such.


All steaks are cut fresh on the premises and char grilled to your specifications.
Served with baked potato, French fries, or rice, and vegetable.

    16 oz. Choice cut from the sirloin

    • KING 16 oz. $21
    • Queen 12 oz. $17
  • Four (4) Garlic or BBQ Shrimp $5
  • Side of Ribs $5


  • Whole Chicken $14
  • Half Chicken $9


  • Hot Mama Chili
    Seasoned tempeh, red bean and vegetable chili, garlicky greens, wheat-free corn muffin, scallion butter $12
  • Salad
    Burger in a salad: Black bean veggie burger, baby greens, caramelized onions, roasted peppers, avocado, chilled green beans, sprouts, carrots, Dijon balsamic dressing $15


  • Pepsi Coke Diet Pepsi Mug
  • Sierra Mist Mountain Dew Orange Iced Tea
  • Ginger Ale Dr. Pepper Milk Coffee
  • Hot Tea Hot Chocolate