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Uncountable Nouns

Uncountable nouns

Some nouns refer to things that we do not normally count. Therefore, they have no plural ending.

Some nouns that are countable in Norwegian are uncountable in English. These troublemakers include:

Advice (råd), bread, (brød), damage (ødeleggelser) evidence(bevis), furniture (møbler), homework (lekser), income, (inntekter), information (opplysninger), interest (renter), knowledge (kunnskaper), money (penger), news (nyheter) and progress (framskritt).

  • Will you please give me some advice?
  • His money was stolen.
  • The information you gave me was interesting.
  • The news was shocking.

Uncountable nouns need a singular verb if the noun is the subject of the clause.