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Chapters 14, 15 and 16 Aibileen

Chapter 14 Aibileen
1. Explain the tension between Skeeter and Minny.
2. What are Aibileen’s reactions to Hilly’s colored bathroom initiative?
3. Why does Minny think Miss Skeeter is getting too personal with her questions?
4. What positive thing does Aibileen have to say about Miss Hilly’s treatment of her own children?
5. What does Aibileen respond when Miss Hilly asks if she likes her own toilet and going to a school full of white people?
6. What does Miss Hilly accuse Miss Skeeter of behind her back?
7. Why doesn’t Aibileen want to use the clothes Miss Hilly gave her?
8. According to Aibileen, how do men and women differ in their methods of discrimination?
9. How is suspense built up in this chapter?
10. On her way home, Aibileen and the other colored people were asked to leave the bus. Why?
11. Who was Medgar Evers and what happened to him?
12. What does Aibileen say to Minny to calm her fears?
13. How does President John F. Kennedy respond to the incident?

Chapter 15 Aibileen
1. What impression do we get of Miss Leefolt’s Mother, Miss Fredericks?
2. How does Miss Fredericks treat Mae Mobley?
3. What does Aibileen tell Mae Mobley to build self-esteem?
4. Sum up the little story Aibileen told Mae Mobley. What is the aim of the story?
5. Why isn’t Miss Leefolt a member of the Country Club?
6. Who are not allowed at the Country Club as members?
7. What tactics do the women use to alienate Miss Skeeter?
8. What happens when Miss Skeeter confronts Miss Hilly? How does Miss Hilly react to this?
9. What does Hilly’s husband running for local senate have to do with their situation?
10. How is Miss Skeeter able to calm Miss Hilly down for the time being?

Chapter 16 Aibileen
1. How had the atmosphere in the Community Concerns meeting at the church changed after the murder of Medgar Evers?
2. What are some of the reactions to prayer and peaceful demonstrations?
3. What do we know about Yul May?
4. Who does she work for and why does she take the chance of being interviewed?