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Chapters 22 and 23 Aibileen

Chapter 22 Aibileen
1. How does Elizabeth Leefolt behave on Mae Mobley’s 3rd birthday?
2. Is there any hint that Elizabeth could have been mistreated by her own Mother?
3. What does Aibileen mean by saying that she has seventeen babies?
4. Why does Mae Mobley regard Aibileen as her real mama? Why doesn’t she want her biological mother to hear?
5. What was one of the worst days Aibileen could remember being a maid?
6. How does Skeeter take revenge on Miss Hilly’s toilet announcement in the newsletter? What was actually printed? What repercussions took place afterwards?
7. How are Aibileen’s future jobs threatened?

Chapter 23 Aibileen
1. As a backdrop, Kathryn Stockett uses several important historical events in this chapter. What were they?
2. What was Aibileen’s secret story?
3. The day Elizabeth Leefolt hosts bridge club, Celia Foote rings the doorbell. How is she greeted?
4. In what way does Hilly demean her?
5. What does Celia accidentally blurt out?