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Chapter 24 Minny

Chapter 24 Minny
1. Why is Aibileen so upset after Celia’s visit to Elizabeth’s?
2. What is Minny equally upset about?
3. What did Hilly and Elizabeth think was the reason Aibileen made up the whole recommendation episode?
4. Minny answers the phone when Hilly calls Celia? Who does she say she is?
5. Minny comes to work very early one morning in October with a huge cut on her eyebrow? What took place? Why can’t Celia call a doctor?
6. Excitement and tension escalates in this chapter with the naked redneck who comes and threatens Minny and Celia. How is the bond between Celia and Minny strengthened?
7. What does Minny learn from the “pecker pie” incident?
8. What fact do we learn about Celia’s background?
9. In this chapter Minny and Aibileen discuss “lines” and the punishment that takes place when one crosses them. What lines are they actually discussing?
10: What does Aibileen mean by saying, “…kindness don’t have no boundaries”?
11. What motive does Minny have for not telling Celia the truth why the Hilly and the League women won’t have anything to do with her? What does Celia think is the real reason?
12. Why is the ensemble including the hairdo that Celia wears to the Benefit out of place?