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Chapter 34 Aibileen

Chapter 34 Aibileen
1. After Skeeter takes the job in New York, Aibileen tells Minny that she is a beautiful person. Why?
2. Why did Mr Leefolt insist that Mae Mobley change schools?
3. Why can’t Miss Hester fire Ernestine, her maid?
4. What good news does Skeeter have about the book?
5. Who does she recommend for the Miss Myrna column?
6. What was in the package that Aibileen gave Miss Skeeter?
7. Why did Leroy lose his job and at whose hands?
8. What did Minny finally decide to do?
9. At Elizabeth’s what does Hilly accuse Aibileen of doing?
10. How does Aibileen answer her?
11. What does Aibileen say to Mae Mobley after Elizabeth fires her? How do they part?
12. Why doesn’t Elizabeth press charges?
13. Aibileen speaks of feeling “free”. What freedom is she referring to?