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Task: Australia Comprehension

First watch the video, then do these tasks:


  1. Also known as Ayers Rock, Uluru is the world's largest
    a) monolith b) monogram c) monopoly
  2. It has great spiritual significance for the
    a) Maori b) Bushmen c) Aboriginals.
  3. How many national parks does Australia boast?
    a) over 300 b) over 500 c) over 800
  4. Australia has a) hundreds b) thousands c) millions of species of fish as well as 400 types of coral.
  5. Australia's Great Barrier Reef can be seen from outer space. It is made up of
    a) shells b) fish bones c) coral.
  6. Which of these animals does not appear in the video?
    a) zebras b) kangaroos c) sheep
  7. Sydney is famous for its
    a) opera house b) steak house c) fashion house.
  8. Australia's coastline is over
    a) two hundred b) two thousand c) twenty thousand miles long.

a, c, b, b, c, a, a, c


Choose one aspect of Australia presented in the film and find out a little more about it. Use the information and put together a quiz of 5 - 10 questions. Test the quiz in class.

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