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Working with Dilemmas

Here you will find a collection of different dilemmes to dicuss and work with in class.

  • Discuss the below dilemmas and ask yourself: Is there a difference between what you decide to do and what you feel you should have done?
  • Having discussed the issues below, make up two issues of your own and challenge a student next to you for his/her opinion.

What would you have done?

What would you have done?

1. You are having an English test on Monday. Normally, you would have no problem with this. However, the past week has been terrible for you. You have had two other tests in addition to handing in a Norwegian essay. To top it off, you have promised your boss you will work this weekend.

A classmate of yours calls and tells you that she has got hold of a copy of the English test. She offers you a copy. Now you have to make the decision whether or not to accept her offer.

What do you decide to do? How did you arrive at this decision?

2. You walk past the bank on your way home from school one day, and you see money in the slot of the ATM machine. You are, of course, curious, so you take out the money and count it – NOK 1200. Being in your last year of high school, with many parties coming up, this money would certainly be a welcome addition to your economy.

What do you decide to do with the money? How did you arrive at your decision?

3. Some students at your school have created a website that totally trashes one of the teachers at your school, Mr. Brown. Needless to say, he is in despair, and finds the situation profoundly embarrassing, but he is at a loss what to do about it. You think Mr. Brown is a great teacher, and you feel very indignant on his behalf. Having overheard a conversation in the school cafeteria, you know who is behind the website. A couple of students in your class got a bad grade on a presentation they gave in class, and the website is their revenge.

You know what you should do, but you are afraid of the repercussions.

What do you decide to do? How did you arrive at this decision? 4. The police arrive at your school following the theft of five video projectors. The same day you have been offered a video projector by another student at a give-away price. You find the school name engraved in the chassis. How can you pass this information on to the police? Do you pass it on? How did you arrive at this decision?

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