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Preparation task for the oral exam

Student Instructions

Work in groups of three – one examiner, one candidate and one external examiner.

The candidate draws a topic (see below) and gets 10 minutes to brush up on his/her knowledge. The examiner and external examiner will spend this time noting down questions. Remember, it is your job to get the student to show what he/she knows. Help them get started and ask questions to help them out when they are stuck, but the candidate should try to present what they know freely without being too dependent on the examiner's questions.

The examiner asks questions and tries to get the candidate to speak as much as possible. The external examiner evaluates the candidate – the level of knowledge, communication skills and vocabulary. Print out this table to help you in the evaluation Oral Assessment Form.

Each examination should last for about 5 minutes.

Change roles and repeat the exam so that all members of the group take turns to be the candidate, the examiner and the external examiner. Each candidate should get a different topic.

Topic 1: Key Historical Events in the USA

Explain how immigration has affected the development of American society.

What is the melting pot?

Topic 2: Key Historical Events in the UK

Explain how the British Empire has afffected the development of British society.

What is the legacy of the Empire?

Topic 3: Political Issues and Systems in the US

Discuss gun control in the US.

Present and discuss the American political system.

Topic 4: Political Issues and Systems in Great Britain

Discuss devolution.

Present and discuss the Britsh political system.

Topic 5: Social and Economic Conditions

Present and discuss the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Discuss whether social media can cause political change.

Topic 6: Regional and International Conflicts

Present and discuss the Cuban-American relationship.

Give examples of other conflicts you find crucial. Explain why.

Topic 7: Literature and Film

Present and interpret a fictional text or film.

Explain how the text or film reflects on issues you have studied in English this year.

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