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The Devolved Parliaments - Tasks

The Scottish Parliament

Scottish Parliament
Scottish Parliament

The Scottish Parliament was established in 1998. It is located in the Holyrood area of Edinburgh. The responsibilities of the Scottish government include health, education, justice, rural affairs, housing and transport.

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Use the links to the Scottish Parliament website to answer the questions.

The Scottish Parliament - Tours
The Scottish Parliament - the Building
The Scottish Parliament - How It Works
The Scottish Parliament - Members
  1. Where is the Parliament located?
  2. What are the opening times?
  3. If you take a guided tour, what will you see?
  4. Who designed the building?
  5. How did he describe the design?
  6. What construction materials were used?
  7. Were environmental concerns important in the design?
  8. Project History:
    • What was the result of the vote for a Scottish Parliament?
    • How long had it been since Scotland had had its own parliament?
    • When was the site for the building chosen?
    • When was the building opened?
  9. How many parties have seats in the Parliament?
  10. What is the total number of seats?
  11. What are the names of the two main parties and how many seats does each have?
  12. Who is the First Minister and to which party does he belong?


What is the situation in Scotland today? Are the politicians contented with devolution or would they prefer total independence? You will find some information at these links, Scottish Independence-article and Scottish Independence cartoon, and you should also search for more recent developments.

The Welsh Assembly

Wales Celebrates in 1997
Wales Celebrates in 1997

The Welsh Assembly or Cynulliad Cenedlaethol Cymru was established in 1998. It has powers related to property, health and law, but these are more limited than those of the Scottish Parliament.

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Use the links below to answer the questions about the Welsh Assembly.

Welsh Assembly
Welsh Assembly - visiting
Welsh Government
Welsh Government Timeline

  1. What is the main building of the National Assembly called?
  2. When did it open?
  3. Where is it situated?
  4. Who is the Presiding Officer?
  5. What does the building represent?
  6. How many members does the Assembly have?
  7. What three functions is the Assembly responsible for?
  8. What was the result of the referendum for devolution in 1997?
  9. When was the National Assembly for Wales opened?
  10. Which political party forms the government of Wales today?
  11. What percent of the vote did they receive in the last election?
  12. What is the Welsh position on devolution today?

The Northern Ireland Assembly

Stormont Parliament Building
Stormont Parliament Building

Use the links below to answer the questions about the Northern Ireland Assembly.

Northern Ireland Assembly
Northern Ireland Assembly - visiting
N. Ireland Assembly - tour

  1. Where is the N.Ireland Assembly situated?
  2. When was the building constructed and for what purpose?
  3. How many members are in the Legislative Assembly?
  4. What is the abbreviation for a member of the Assembly?
  5. What are the names of the main political parties?
  6. Which political party has the majority of the seats in the Assembly?
  7. What is the name of the First Minister?
  8. What is the responsibility of the Assembly?
  9. How many chambers did the N. Ireland Parliament have originally and how many does it have today?
  10. When are the Parliament buildings open for public tours?
  11. Is it possible to follow debates in the Assembly Chamber?
  12. Who is the leader of the N. Ireland Assembly?
  13. Watch the virtual tour, make ten questions and try them on a partner. N. Ireland Assembly - tour