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Tasks: Mia by Alex Nye

Tasks to the excerpt from the novel "When We Get to the Island"(2019) by Alex Nye.
Hogh Bay on the island of Coll, in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland.
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  1. In small groups: Make a list of 10 words to describe Mia or her situation.
  2. Individual writing task: Choose three of these words to further analyse the character of Mia. Write one paragraph for each word with the following structure. The three paragraphs should add up to about a page of writing.
    (A) First, introduce and explain the chosen word.
    (B) Then include a direct quotation from the text and comment on how it illustrates your chosen word.
    (C) Finally, you can add a comment about your own thoughts about this.

    (A) Mia is neglected by the people around her. "To neglect someone" means to not show them enough attention, care or support. The text shows how her history teacher fails to react to Mia being bullied: (B) “Mia was sure Mrs Mackenzie had noticed the shoving, if not the whispering, but would she do anything? Probably not. The teachers never did.” This is clearly a pattern - Mia has been bullied before, but has found no support or help from any teachers. (C) I find it very disappointing that the adults around her do nothing, especially when they have the power and the responsibility to help her.
  3. Does Mia remind you of another character that you have read about, or that you have seen in a film or TV series? How are they similar?

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In this excerpt from the novel "When We Get to the Island" (2019) we are introduced to Mia, a young girl who constantly feels that she does not belong.

CC BY-SASkrevet av Sonja Nygaard-Joki.
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