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In this humorous Gothic short film we meet Mr Grimm. He spends all day, every day, harvesting lives. One day he is interrupted by the doorbell: It is a little girl who is looking for her cat.


Work with a partner or in a group.

  1. What characteristics of the Gothic genre do you find in the film? (See the expandable box below for information about typical traits of the Gothic genre.)

  2. Do you think there are other genres that the film would fit into?

  3. Can you think of any other films/novels/short stories where death is a character in the film?

  4. What is achieved by presenting death as a person?

Characteristics of Gothic Literature
  • An atmosphere of suspense or fear.

  • Foreshadowing, for example by introducing an omen or curse.

  • An unfamiliar setting, for example a castle, church, or graveyard.

  • A supernatural element such as a ghost or a monster.

  • A clear villain, often someone who is dark and brooding.

  • Emotional anguish or deep anxiety.

  • A damsel in distress.

  • An unlikely hero, often an anti-hero.


Work with a partner and write your answers in a shared document.

  1. How would you describe the two characters?

  2. The two characters are very different. What is achieved by creating a contrast between the two main characters?

  3. Find examples of one or more metaphors used in the film.

  4. Can you spot any other literary devices used in the film?

  5. What is the theme of the film?

  6. Does the film have a message?

  7. The word 'zing' can have more than one meaning, depending on whether we regard it as onomatopoeic or not. What are the possible meanings of the title, and why do you think this title has been chosen?


In Norse, Greek, and Roman mythology we find stories about goddesses who spin or weave threads that make up people's lives. Choose one of the mythologies and find out more about these goddesses.

Present your findings in a group. Discuss whether you see any paralells between these stories and the story told in the film Zing.


Choose one of the tasks to answer and write a longer text.

  1. Write an analysis of the film Zing.

  2. Write a text where you explain how meeting death is depicted in two or more films, and discuss if watching these films can teach us something. Make sure you reference examples from the films.

Link to the text 'How to Analyse a Film' on NDLA English 1

Create and perform:

Work in a group of two or three.

The film does not have a narrator or dialogue. Write the narration/dialogue. Rehearse it, and perform it alongside the film.

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