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Should 16-year-olds be given the vote?

Use your English skills to apply your knowledge of an interdisciplinary topic in a fun and creative way.

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This resource is part of the interdisciplinary topic: "Should 16-year-olds be given the vote?", but could also be used in connection with other topics or debates.

Forget yourself, become somebody else

Now that you have learned about this topic in other subjects, we want you to apply your knowledge in an English-speaking context. Instead of expressing your own views, we want you to a) create a character, b) give him/her a voice in this debate about the voting age and then c) become this character for a brief "Strangers on the Street" interview.

To help you get started, we have made some examples of possible characters in the boxes below. You can use these as inspiration, but try to make your own. It might also be easier to get into character by using creative costumes, props or digital filters and other special effects.

"Strangers on the Street" interviews

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Here is the scenario: The character you have created is taking a walk down the local High Street and has been approached by a small camera team wanting to find out what people think about the current debate: Should 16-year-olds be given the vote?

Your challenge is to become the character you have created and prepare a response to this question. First briefly present your(new)self (name, age, what you do, where you live etc.) and then express your views and opinions.

These interviews can be presented as a) live presentations in class, b) recorded on a device or c) turned into a class "Flipgrid" (see the section called "Getting started with Flipgrid below"). However, no matter what the shape of your final product is like, the most important aims are that you are able to apply your knowledge of an interdisciplinary topic, express yourself in English and have some fun in the process!

Getting started with Flipgrid

Flipgrid is an engaging way to record and share short videos in class.
Here is a quick one minute video to explain what it is all about. (Youtube.com).

Below you will find a two minute "Getting started" video tutorial and here is a link to a written, more detailed version of how to create your first grid. (flipgrid.com).

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