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The Impact of Artificial Intelligence

Watch the documentary "Will a Robot Steal my Job?" (53 min.) and discuss how artificial intelligence will affect the school of the future.

Watch the documentary "Will a Robot Steal my Job?" (53 min.) before starting the task below.

The School of the Future

The documentary shows us how technology has had an enormous impact on a range of professions: taxi drivers, journalists, doctors, artists, psychologists etc. It also makes a point of how technology in the form of artificial intelligence is already a part of our everyday lives. However, one area of society that it does not highlight, and which probably is the working environment that you know best, is the school system.

This task challenges you to rethink learning and education in the school of the future.

  1. After watching "Will a Robot Steal my Job?", take some time to write down your immediate thoughts about how artificial intelligence can shape schools, classrooms, teachers and students in the future.
  2. For an example of how artificial intelligence is already being used in classrooms, watch this video report (5:43 min.) from the American newspaper The Wall Street Journal. It shows how China is experimenting with cameras and brain-wave trackers.

Discussion task

  1. In small groups, express your reactions to and opinions about the use of artificial intelligence in schools. Refer to specific examples from the documentary and the video report.
  2. Try to structure your statements into 3 positive consequences and 3 negative consequences.
  3. Discuss this issue as a class. If you want to use a digital tool to help, try Talkwall. This video (2.58 min.) describes the basics of Talkwall and how it can help initiate and structure class discussions.

The Talkwall might look like this:

An example of a Talkwall used for class discussion.
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CC BY-SASkrevet av Sonja Nygaard-Joki.
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