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An Introduction to England

What do you know about England? What is typically English? Write down as many things as you can think of and then compare with your neighbour.
London Eye on River Thames opposite Westminster in London
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England - largest of the UK countries


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Beautiful Scenery

English architecture. Photo.

In England there are seven National Parks, 200 country parks and 3,000 gardens open to the public, and most of them are very popular for week-end excursions. England has a mild climate, and is therefore highly suitable for farming. A large part of the country is reasonably flat, but there are hilly areas in the north, such as the Lake District in the north-west and the Pennines, a range of hills stretching from the Scottish border to Derbyshire and often called the "backbone of England". In the south we find picturesque areas, with quaint seaside towns, beautiful villages and long beaches. An ideal place for a holiday? Or perhaps you would prefer the excitement of a big city like Manchester or London?


Fish and chips restaurant. Photo.

The economy is based on industries such as, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, software, high technology, finance, tourism, service and agriculture.


Big Ben in London. Photo.

England does not have the strong Celtic traditions of music and language as in the other UK countries. However, it has always had a wealth of literature, art and music. English literature is known and loved worldwide from Shakespeare to Charles Dickens to J.R.R. Tolkien. More recently, there are the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, two of the greatest rock groups of all times.

Tasks and Activities

Questions to the text:

  1. What typical English characteristics can you spot in the images?
  2. Which famous English person would you have been if you were going to a masquerade? (Search for famous British people if you need help.)

Writing task:

At school you are encouraged to arrange extra-curricular activities in the evenings. Therefore, you decide to invite the students to an 'English Evening' at school. Include where and when to meet and what to bring. Also mention that people are expected to dress in an English manner. Remember to be polite in your invitation.

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