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Easy Text - An Introduction to England

What do you know about England? What is typical for England? Write down as many things as you can and then compare with your neighbour.
English Country House
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England is the largest country in the UK and the one with the most inhabitants (51 million). London is the capital city and the government for the United Kingdom is there. England has a mild climate and is suitable for farming. It is also an industrial country with a variety of industries like tourism, chemicals, electronics and finance. Much of the country is quite flat. The north has some hills and the south has beautiful villages and beaches. There are also many big cities like Manchester and Liverpool. England has had many famous writers, artists and musicians. You have probably heard of Shakespeare, J.R.R Tolkien and of course the Beatles.

Tasks and Activities


  1. What typical English characteristics can you spot in these images?
    English architecture. Photo.
    Fish and chips restaurant. Photo.
    Big Ben in London. Photo.
  2. Which famous English person would you have been if you were going to a masquerade? (Search online for famous British if you need help.)


You are arranging an 'English Evening' at school. Write an invitation to the students. Include:

  • where to meet
  • when to meet
  • what to bring
  • ask people to dress in an English manner

Remember to be polite in your invitation.

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What do you know about England? What is typically English? Write down as many things as you can think of and then compare with your neighbour.

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