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Listening activity: Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle is one of the main attractions for all visitors to Edinburgh. It stands proudly on top of a huge rock, and in many ways Scotland can trace its national identity within the walls of Edinburgh Castle.
Edinburgh Castle
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Here kings and queens have resided. Here important battles have been fought, and in the castle area we also find a memorial over the 20th century wars that Scottish soldiers have been involved in.

When you come as a visitor to Edinburgh Castle, you will get the chance to take a guided tour of the castle area. The guides at the castle always wear tartan kilts or trousers, and they have a lot of knowledge and good stories to share with their audience. In this interview we meet Laura, who is a guide at the castle. The interview was recorded on a beautiful February morning, but as you will hear in the background it is always quite windy in Scotland.

Edinburgh Castle, 5:54


Tasks and Activities


Listen to the interview and answer the following questions.

  1. What kind of rock does the castle stand on?
  2. When was the first settlement on the rock?
  3. What is the smallest building in the castle called?
  4. Which is the most recent building in the castle area?
  5. The Stone of Scone is extremely important for Scotland. Why?
  6. When was it returned to Scotland? What are two other names for this stone?
  7. Which part of the castle is Laura’s favourite? Why?
  8. How many visitors come to the castle every year? Who owns Edinburgh Castle?
  9. Why was the one o’clock gun originally fired?
  10. Which day is the gun not fired?


Visit the official Edinburgh Castle website and find out what these pictures show.

Edinburgh Castle Picture Quiz
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More Castles

There are many famous castles in Scotland. One is Stirling Castle, another is Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh. Have a look at Edinburgh Castle, Stirling Castle and Holyrood Palace and find out about:

  • opening hours
  • entrance fees
  • number of visitors per year

Put your findings into a table.

CC BY-SASkrevet av Morten Serkland.
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