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Plan a Holiday in Scotland

A Norwegian friend of yours and his family have decided to take a trip to Scotland and have asked you to keep them company and help them with the making of an itinerary (list of places to be visited on a journey). They have asked you because you know the country so well.
Princes Street. photo.

It’s their first time in Scotland and they are all very excited. This is their chance to absorb as much of Scotland as possible, and see what it has to offer in one week. One of your challenges now is that each person has different interests, so you must make an itinerary that fits all of their interests and needs. When you are in Scotland, you will visit several fun and exciting places. You all want to have a great trip and bring back plenty of memories!

Research and Presentation

Whenever you are planning a journey there are four cornerstones which should be included:

  • LIVE,
  • DO,
  • EAT.

Your task is to search the net for places in Scotland that fit everybody’s interests, and gather information and photos of these places. Your friend has asked you to make a PowerPoint presentation to show them when you all meet for preparation and planning.

Highland Games wrestlers. Photo.

Where to go

In Scotland you are going to visit

  • Aberdeen
  • Inverness
  • Edinburgh
  • Glasgow

Here are some useful web pages where you can find information.

You need to find out about accommodation, transport in Scotland, attractions, scenery and culture.

Your friend’s family

Your friend’s family consists of four people; Erik (dad), Vivi (mom), your friend Thomas and his sister Lisa. Each family member has different interests and wants to visit different places. Here is a short introduction to the family:

  1. Erik is a big history buff. He loves anything related to War history. He also is an architect so he loves old buildings and interesting architecture.
  2. Vivi loves nature. Seeing the spectacular Scottish scenery would make her happy. She also loves good food and going to the theatre.
  3. Lisa is 19 and wants to see all the hot spots! She has read a lot about Scotland, and wants to see the famous monuments! She also loves art and wants to see one or two galleries while she is in Scotland.
  4. Thomas is 17, just like you, – he just wants to have fun and is very interested in sports!

You should make a day by day program, and think about ways to include everybody’s interests. Be creative!!

Make a Scrapbook

Make sure the scrapbook is fun, colourful and has useful information!

How to do it

  1. Collect information and photos
  2. Make a Power Point presentation with approximately three slides for each destination
  3. Include photos and information in each slide (remember that too much text on a slide makes it boring)
  4. When you have finished, you work in groups of 5 and pretend that the 4 others are Erik, Vivi, Thomas and Lisa.
  5. Give your presentation (should not last more than 6-7 minutes) and discuss the alternatives you have chosen.
  6. Afterwards you change roles, and watch the presentation of one of the others in the group.
  7. When everybody has given her or his presentation, discuss which one of them should be the “official” version for the group. Give reasons for your choice.
  8. All the presentations should be stored in a folder called Scotland

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Scotland is a country of variety: cities and quiet countryside, mountains and islands. What kind of place would you like to visit?

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