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Checklist: Presentations

This checklist will help you prepare for oral presentations.

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Checklist when rehearsing a presentation:


  • Do I have a clear introduction, main part and conclusion?
  • Have I used titles and subtitles to structure my slides?
  • Have I met the overall time requirement?
  • If working with a partner, have we divided the different parts between us and practiced?
  • Have I left time to ask the class if they have any questions?


  • If needed, are my notes short bullet points and not pages of writing?
  • Am I prepared to speak freely and not read from a written manuscript?
  • Have I saved my presentation to another storage programme/service in addition to my computer's hard drive?
  • Do I have a plan B in case any external links do not work on the day of my presentation? It could be a good idea to download these directly to your computer.
  • Do I have the necessary equipment? (i.e. connection or audio cable)


  • Have I checked that I have the right pronunciation of difficult words?
  • Am I prepared to define or explain any difficult but important terms?

Voice and Body Language

  • Am I speaking clearly and loudly enough so that the people at the back of the room will hear me?
  • Can I remember to have eye contact with the audience?
  • Can I try to express enthusiasm through my voice and body language?

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Skrevet av Sonja Nygaard-Joki og Christine Varadian Johnsen


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