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A Taxi Driver in New York

Listen to this interview with Ray who drives a yellow taxicab in New York.

Taxicab driver in car. Photo.

Taxicab driver in New York

Listening activity

In this interview you will meet Ray who has been a taxi driver for seven years. He is also the owner of two taxis. The interview has four main topics:

  1. The development of yellow cabs
  2. Ray's life as a taxi driver
  3. The American Dream/success
  4. Customers

Divide the students in your class into 1, 2, 3 and 4s. The no.1 students focus on topic no. 1, the no.2 students on topic no. 2 and so on. Ask them to take notes about their topic while listening.

Yellow Cab


Yellow Cab

After listening to the interview, come together in the 1, 2, 3 and 4 groups and compare your notes. Agree about the five most important words in your topic. Rank these words according to their importance.

Each group displays on a board their five words for the whole class.

Use the twenty words the groups have provided. Based on these words, make a short written summary of the interview.

Play a Role

Act out a conversation between Ray, the driver, and the following passengers (see below). Pick one role each. Prepare your lines.


  • Ray, the taxi driver
  • an angry passenger
  • a depressed passenger
  • a very talkative passenger
  • a-new-in-town passenger
  • a passenger that does not want to pay.
Yellow taxicabs in New York. Photo.

Find Out

Find a map of New York. Pretend that you are taking the final test before you get your taxi licence. You are going from:

  • Battery Park to Central Park
  • The UN Building to the Metropolitan Opera House
  • The Empire State Building to MoMa
  • The Rockefeller Center to Brooklyn via Brooklyn Bridge

Share and compare your route with a classmate.

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Tekst: Morten Serkland (CC BY-SA)


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