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Exploring Career Options

Let’s explore a wide range of different career paths and job opportunities. Find out more about what it is like to work in the UK. You might even be inspired to pursue a career abroad!

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It is hard making a choice when the number of options to choose from seems endless. This is how many young people feel about choosing a career. Listen to this short clip from an interview with a career adviser at MidKent College in the UK. Her job is to help students with information, guidance and support towards making the right decisions about their future careers.

UK National Careers Service

The UK National Careers Service website is a great place to explore a wide range of job opportunities. You can find out what kind of qualifications and skills a specific job requires. You can see how much the average salary is and the number of working hours a week. The lists of day-to-day tasks will also give you an impression of what happens during a typical day at work.


  1. GO to the National Careers Service website and click on "Explore Careers".
  2. CHOOSE a job category and then select one of the jobs from the list. Study the information given.
  3. MAKE a list of 5-10 new words and translate them from English to Norwegian.
  4. SUMMARIZE the most important information about that particular job in 5 bullet points and add an image and a title.
  5. PRESENT your work in speech or writing.
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