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Listening activity: Safety at Work

Listen to an interview about safety precautions and safety equipment in the workplace.
A man holding a work helmet. Photo.
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Pre-listening activity

How many items of safety equipment can you think of in English? Give yourself two minutes to write a list of as many things as you can think of.

Collaborate as a class and create a mind-map of all of the different words.

Main task

Listen to the interview of Mae and Amy. They study mechanical trades and work two days a week in a factory which produces parts and equipment especially for the oil industry. The topic of this talk is "Safety at Work".

You can choose between listening to it with or without the transcript below.

Safety at Work


Questions to the interview

  1. How are the clothes that they wear for work part of a safety routine?
  2. What is meant by the term "hearing protection" in this context?
  3. How was information about safety routines part of their training for this job?
  4. Why do you think Mae mentions "common sense" as an important factor regarding safety at work?
  5. Explain two safety measures that you have at your place of work.
CC BY-SASkrevet av Anne Scott Hagen.
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