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Organising your thoughts: Venn-diagrams

In part two of the Vg1 exam, compare and contrast is used very often. Venn-diagrams are a great way to work with this kind of task, as they set out very clearly the similarities and differences between characters, countries, challenges, etc.
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For and Against - two different sides to the story

With a partner, one of you reads Article 1 and the other reads Article 2

Article 1

Why I choose state education over private school

Article 2

Why I sent my child to a private school

Once you have both read your article, do the following:

  • Present the article to each other and share your own thoughts on what it was about.
  • Based on the articles and your research into state and private schools use post-it notes to organise your thoughts into points for and against private schools and then answer the following question: Would you like to go to a private school?
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