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Working with Projects: Grammar Checklist

This grammar checklist will help you check your language before handing in an assessment.
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Have you checked...?

Subject/verb agreement
i.e. that a singular subject needs a singular verb.
Verb tenses
Are you using the right tense (tid)? Are you using the –ing form properly? Have you checked that you are not changing tense in the same sentence? Have you checked the irregular verbs? Have you used the –ed ending for the past tense of regular verbs?
Incomplete sentences
Do all of your sentences have a subject and a verb?
Spelling mistakes
Have you re-read to check for spelling mistakes?
Lengthy/run-on sentences
Are some of your sentences far too long?
Connecting Words
Have you used connecting words between sentences? For example: therefore, so, since, then, although etc.
Capital Letters
Check the first word in all of your sentences, the pronoun I, titles for people (Prime Minister), days of week, months of year, countries and nationalities.
Do you have periods or question marks at the end of your sentences?
Have you used apostrophes when words are contracted (it’s) and when using the genitive form (my friend’s car)?
Have you re-read your entire text?
CC BY-SASkrevet av Christine Varadian Johnsen.
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Working with Grammar