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Written Tasks - Assessment Sheet

This form may be used as a basis for assessment of a written article/essay. We have suggested a set of criteria to use in the assessment.
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Assessment Form

Name: ___________________________________ Grade: __________


Grades 5-6
Exceptionally High to Very High Degree of Competence

Grades 3-4
High to Fair Degree of Competence

Grades 2-1
Low to Very Low Degree of Competence

Teacher's Notes

-amount and quality of information

-rich in key ideas

-thorough exploration and discussion of the topic with examples

-independent and critical use of sources

-sources properly referenced both in and at the end of the text

-relevant but fewer ideas

-exploration and discussion of the topic should be more thorough/ more examples

-adequate use of sources

-sources referenced/not always referenced properly

-few/some relevant ideas

-little exploration and discussion of the topic

-uses some/few sources

-sources not referenced properly

-Main Part

-clear, effective and logical construction

-excellent/good introduction and conclusion

-excellent paragraph structure

-good cohesion and flow in text with smooth transitions

-fulfills the criteria for the specified genre

-generally clear and logical structure

-introduction/ conclusion could be better

-satisfactory use of paragraphs

-generally fluent and cohesive text

-satisfactorily fulfills the required criteria for the specified genre

-structure poor

-introduction /conclusion needs improvement

-paragraph structure needs improvement

-some textual cohesion, but limited use of linking words

-partly fulfills the required criteria for the specified genre


-vocabulary is varied, extensive, precise and nuanced

-style is correct and idiomatic

-sentence structure is good and varied

-no/very few grammar and usage errors

- vocabulary is good with satisfactory range of vocabulary

-style is correct

-sentence structure has some / little variation

-some/many grammar and usage errors

-vocabulary is limited / mixed with Norwegian

-style is correct / incorrect

-sentences simple /poor structure

-many grammar and usage errors but understandable

CC BY-SASkrevet av Anne Scott Hagen, Jaspreet Gloppen og Åse Elin Langeland.
Sist faglig oppdatert 28.11.2018


Non-Fiction and Vocational Texts