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Tasks: Fighting Anxiety and Stigma

These tasks will help you further study, understand and interpret the blog entry "Fighting Anxiety and Stigma".

Task 1: What does it mean to fight a stigma?

First, read through the different definitions of the word “stigma” from a selection of online dictionaries.

  • "A feeling that something is wrong or embarrassing in some way. Related words: shame or embarrassment” (Macmillan Dictionary)
  • "Negative feelings that people have about particular circumstances or characteristics that somebody may have. For example: The social stigma of alcoholism” (Oxford Learner’s Dictionaries)
  • "A mark of shame or discredit. Synonym: a stain” (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)
  • "A mark made by a branding iron on the skin of a criminal or slave (archaic or old-fashioned use of the word)” (Dictionary.com)

Find three quotations in the text where the author describes the stigma of mental health issues and then, in small groups, discuss any links between the dictionary definitions and the quotations from the blog.

Task 2: Connecting the illustration to the text

After reading the text, study the details in the illustration. Make a list of bullet points or a mind map, connecting the details of the illustration to the content of the blog entry.

Task 3: The importance of metaphors

The author of this blog entry uses two main metaphors to describe her feelings and experiences. 1. The metaphor of life as a journey and 2. The war metaphor of dealing with a problem as a fight or a battle.

Choose one of the following tasks:

  1. Use examples from this blog entry to show how the author uses metaphors to get her message across.
  2. Find a song that uses one of the above metaphors. Point to some specific examples and try to express the main message of the song to someone who has never heard it before.

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In this blog entry, a young girl describes her struggle with anxiety and her journey towards acceptance and well-being.

CC BY-SASkrevet av Sonja Nygaard-Joki.
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