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Tasks: The Bean Trees

Tasks to "The Bean Trees" by Barbara Kingsolver.


Discuss, Present or Write

  1. Taylor travels from Pittman, Kentucky to Tucson, Arizona. On her way, she stops in the Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma. Use the information given in the story to map her journey.
  2. Make a visual presentation of the Cherokee Nation. Include facts about the Trail of Tears.
  3. What happened to Turtle? Write her story.
  4. The Bean Trees deals with the theme of being an outsider. In what ways are various characters outsiders? What does this suggest about what it takes to be an insider? How does feeling like an outsider affect one's life?
  5. The police have just arrested 30 illegal immigrants. You are working as a journalist in the Tucson Paper. Write a news article about the incident. Include some background information.
  6. List the social issues that Kingsolver presents in The Bean Trees and explain how these issues affect the lives of the novel's characters. Write an essay.

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