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Listening exercise: How to Make a Mini Presentation

Student giving a presentation. Photo.
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How to make a mini presentation


Points to remember:

  • It is important that your presentation is not too long (5 minutes or less)

  • It must be clear, well-organised and easy to follow.

  • Decide what is important to include in the presentation - make notes and an outline.

  • Do not write a complete text.

  • Notes and keywords will help you to remember what you want to say.

  • Remember to speak to your audience. Establish eye contact. Do not read from a text.

  • Practise your presentation in advance.

  • Make sure that you finish within the time allowed.

  • You can use audio-visual aids, but don’t let them dominate the presentation.


  • Introduction: Introduce yourself and the title of your presentation and give a brief outline.

  • Main Part: It is important to organise the information in sections so that it is easy to follow.

  • Conclusion: Sum up. Give your opinion if relevant. Thank your audience for listening.

  • Sources of information: Remember to give the sources of your information.

CC BY-SASkrevet av Anne Scott Hagen.
Sist faglig oppdatert 27.01.2023


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