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Tasks: Typically American?

Here are some tasks to the article "Typically American".



  1. Why are our impressions of America often different from reality?
  2. What are our first impressions on arrival in America?
  3. Why shouldn’t we confuse friendliness with friendship in America?
  4. What characterizes the American “doer”?
  5. How do Americans measure success?
  6. In which ways do Americans demonstrate community spirit?
  7. Americans are said to have a silly side, explain.
  8. How do Americans demonstrate patriotism?
  9. Why have 75% of Americans never been outside America?
  10. Give examples of thinking big in America.
  11. Which celebrations are mentioned in the text? Can you think of any others?
  12. What percentage of Americans would prefer living in a different type of community than the one they are in?
  13. In which way does mobility among Americans have its price?
  14. What are some of the causes of obesity among Americans?
CC BY-SASkrevet av Carol Dwankowski.
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