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The English of Science

The History of English in 10 minutes - Chapter 5 (OU)


  1. The lecturer says "how to talk with gravity". What makes us laugh at this? Look up the meanings of the word "gravity".
  2. When did science start to be recognised?
  3. Which language did the scientists use to start with?
  4. Why did the scientists switch language?
  5. Which important scientific institution was established?
  6. Explain Newton's theory in your own words.
  7. Why was it important that scientific discoveries were communicated in English?


  1. Which language are the following scientific words derived from:
    1. acid
    2. gravity
    3. pendulum
    4. electricity
    5. cardiac
    6. ovary
    7. penis
    8. tonsil
      Dictionary, Thesaurus - the Free Dictionary
  2. How do you think that the use of English in the new sciences that appeared in the 17th and 18th centuries contributed to the spread of English?

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