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Tasks: The Adventure of the Crooked Man

Tasks based on the story of "The Adventure of the Crooked Man" by Arthur Conan Doyle.
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Based on the text find out as much as possible about the Barclays and their life. Pay attention to:

  • where and how they lived
  • why Mrs Barclay went out on the night in question and what her husband thought about it
  • how she behaved on her return
  • in what state the cook and the coachman found their master and mistress


  1. Retell the life story of Henry Wood in your own words. Clues:

    • How did he know the Barclays?
    • What did he tell Mrs Barclay that made her upset?
    • What had he been doing all those years since the incident in India?
    • What had brought him to Aldershot?
    • How could he know that James Barclay was not murdered by his wife?
  2. Sit in pairs and assume the roles of Henry Wood and Mrs Barclay. Give your version of what you experienced the night James Barclay died.
  3. The story is full of dialogue. Choose a section of dialogue and act it out with some partners. Don't forget to use your acting skills; especially important is the way you use your voice.


Write the kind of short report that you think could have appeared in the local newspaper after the inquest.

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