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The Selfish Giant (Oscar Wilde)

Published: 17.12.2009, Updated: 03.03.2017
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Oscar WildeOscar Wilde  


One of the fairy tales you might remember from your childhood is Oscar Wilde's The Selfish Giant. It is from his fairy tale collection, The Happy Prince and Other Stories. Can fairy tales like this teach us a lesson or two?

Oscar Wilde was an Irish author and dramatist. In his time he was more famous for his life than his work. People were shocked by the way he lived. In 1895, he was sent to prison for homosexuality. Today, many people think he is among the funniest men that have ever lived. Enjoy this fairy tale about a very selfish giant.

Further Reading

If you want to know more about Oscar Wilde and why many people think he was one of the funniest men that have ever lived, you should read this: Oscar Wilde - a 19th Century Celebrity 

The Selfish Giant - By Oscar Wilde - Narrated By Grant Raymond Barrett (April 4, 2009)    


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