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The Aboriginals - Video and Tasks

First watch the video, then do the tasks.


Make up questions for the following answers:

  1. They were the last uncontacted group of Aboriginal people.
  2. They used to hunt and eat kangaroo, emu, and cats.
  3. There were two wives and seven children.
  4. They had hardly ever seen a stranger and had no knowledge of the outside world.
  5. The kids were growing up, and needed to find husbands and wives. Furthermore, the old man suddenly died.
  6. It was set up at the end of the 19th century and meant as a beacon or magnet for those who were desperate or curious enough to approach.
  7. The Aboriginals had been seen as animals and therefore they could be hunted as animals, but the missionaries saw them as human beings who should be treated as such.
  8. They tell him they would not be here today if it was not for the mission.
  9. They broke down Aboriginal culture and belief very effectively.
  10. Aboriginal ways were too harsh – you risked being killed if you got into trouble.
  11. Many of them converted just to get food, but as the Lutherans persisted, a Christian community gradually emerged.


  1. In New Zealand the relations between the aboriginal population and the white population are a lot better than in Australia. Discuss what it takes to build bridges between native populations and white populations.
  2. Do little research and read up on the Pintupi Nine. Supposedly they were in complete awe about the fact that fresh water could be obtained in abundance from pipes. What other aspects of modern civilization would be surprising to them, having grown up completely cut off from it?