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A Mixed Marriage - Tasks

These tasks are based on the radio play: A Mixed Marriage.


  1. How did Linda's parents react to the growing attachment between Linda and Graeme? What were the reasons for their attitudes?
  2. How did Nanny Ripeka try to persuade Linda not to marry a Pakeha?
  3. Linda and her cousin found a stone with a pattern when they were children. Why did this episode make such a strong impression on Linda? Why did she never tell Graeme about this important experience in her past?
  4. Linda and Graeme moved to a different town after they were married. What spoilt things for Linda and what did they do to solve it?
  5. Why did Linda decide to leave their baby with her mother?


  1. When Linda was nine years old, she and her cousin Toki found a patterned stone. Linda finds it impossible to tell Graeme about this episode. However, she decides to write him a letter. Write the letter.
  2. Linda was having bad dreams in her new home and she wrote her mother a letter. Write the letter.

Further Research

  1. Maori Warrior
    Maori Warrior
    Use information from Te Ara – The Encyclopedia of New Zealand, Virtual Oceania, Britannica online or other sites and books you might find useful to make a visual presentation about Maori culture. You will find pictures in the public domain or with a creative commons licence on, e.g. FlickrCC, Public Domain Pictures and Free Photo Bank. Make sure you refererence your sources correctly.
  2. The Rotorua Area in the North Island was originally settled by the Maori. Today the city thrives on tourism. Make a brochure or a blogpost presenting the Maori living in Rotorua or Te Rotorua-nui-a-Kahumatamomoe as it is called in Maori. You will find relevant resources on Britannica online and Wikipedia.

Film Recommendations

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New Zealand

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