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An English Breakfast

Some British families still eat a traditional English breakfast of cereals, bacon and eggs, followed by toast and marmalade. However, many Britons now want a healthier start to the day and put healthier options like wholemeal bread, muesli and skimmed milk on the table.

An English Breakfast. Photo.

An English breakfast

An English breakfast


Study the Picture

  1. How many food items can you name in English? The plate contains a hash brown. Which one is it?
  2. Looking at the picture, is there anything that you don’t normally eat?
  3. Do you have breakfast at all? If so, what do you normally eat?


  1. How many British families normally have a traditional English breakfast?
  2. What does the traditional breakfast usually consist of?
  3. Many Britons prefer healthier foods for breakfast. What do they prefer?

Find Out

  1. Find a recipe of a traditional English breakfast and explain to your class mates how you make it and what it consists of.
  2. What is the main ingredient in hash browns?