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Owner's Manual, Marin Mountain Bikes

Whenever you buy something it always comes with a manual. Study the manual below and answer the questions at the end. You may find it useful to copy the entire text into your text editor to save it properly. Use the dictionary in the menu on your right!

Bicycle terms
Bicycle terms



Keep brake shoes adjusted 3-4mm from rim. Inspect them for wear and replace when necessary. Wipe any dirt or oil from rims.

Control Cables

Inspect cables and take up slack. Replace when worn or damaged. Do not allow cables to kink

Front Fork

Bent or damaged forks should be replaced. Never attempt to repair by straightening.

Head Set

Keep locknut tight, making sure there is no play in bearings. The fork should turn freely.

Front Wheel

Keep axle nut or quick release tight. Keep spokes tight and rim true.

Crank Bearings

Inspect crank after wet or muddy ride. The spindle should
turn freely without side play. Keep the bearings well


Check frequently for damage or stretch, replacing when necessary. Lubricate often with a suitable bike chain lubricant. Be sure not to get spray on wheel, rim or tire.

Saddle Adjustment

Adjust height and angle for comfort. Do not raise seat post past minimum insertion mark. Tighten the quick release bolt until the seat can not be rotated in the frame.


Keep tires inflated to the pressure indicated on the tire wall. A foot or frame pump should be used. (Do not use unregulated pressure pumps.) Make sure tires are properly seated on rims.
Extracts from Owner's Manual, Marin Mountain Bikes.

Check Your Understanding

  1. Look at the picture of the mountain bike at the top of the page and translate the names of as many parts as possible into Norwegian.
  2. Answer the following questions about the text:
    • How should you treat the cables?
    • What should you do if the chain is stretched?
    • What maintenance should you carry out every 1-2 weeks?
    • What must you never do to the front forks?
    • What should you do to make the saddle comfortable?
    • What should you do if the brake shoes are worn?
    • What should you do with the crank bearings?


  1. Do you own a bike? If so, describe it.
  2. What are the differences between a mountain bike and an ordinary one?
  3. What (do you think) is the best make of mountain bike?


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