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A Video Producer in the UK

This interview will give you an idea of what it is like to work as a video producer in the UK.

Videofilmer med ulikt format. Foto.

Pre-listening task:

Before listening, use the dictionary to check that you know the meaning of the following words: freelancer; charity; shoot; be on the ball; edit; footage; bin; script

Listen to the following interview with a video producer in the UK and find out:

  • Where she works. (type of company - large/small, etc)
  • Where about in the UK she works.
  • Why she chose this profession.
  • What type of tasks she has to do on a typical day at work.
  • What personal qualities she suggests are needed by a video producer.
  • Does she describe any work processes or services that she provides?
  • What she likes best and least about her job.
  • How she thinks this line of work will change in the future.
  • Where she sees herself in 5 - 10 years' time.

Video Producer - Interview

Video Producer - Interview


After you have practised, add more dialogue for some of the following situations:

  • Jane Roberts apologizes saying that they do not have any openings for a trainee at the moment, but asks John to phone back in three months’ time.
  • John asks how much Fantastic Videos would pay him per year as a starting salary. He 1) says the salary is acceptable or 2) says he has had a better offer from another company. Jane explains that his salary could increase rapidly if he learns quickly.
  • John says he is most interested in the filming of the videos, not editing. He is asked to explain why.