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Building and Construction Tools - Resources

Tools have been in use from the Stone Age and have changed and developed to become the labour-saving machines we use today.


Tools and Machines

Benchwork is performed by means of hand tools. Benchwork may include grinding, cutting, hammering, sawing, filing, chiselling, scraping and reaming. Here you will find descriptions of useful hand tools.
Hand Tools

Hand Tools, Drag and Drop

Marking and measuring a workpiece accurately is very important whether in a mechanical workshop or the construction industry. Here is a selection of the tools that are used for marking and measuring.
Marking and Measuring Tools

Marking and Measuring Tools - Drag and Drop

Try these tasks after reading the texts about Hand Tools and Marking and Measuring Tools.
Various Tools - Tasks

Tools Swap the Letters - how many tools can you recognise here?

Building and Construction Tools

Carpenter's Tools - Drag and Drop
Carpenters, Striking and Fastening Tools - Drag and Drop
Carpenters, Cutting and Shaping Tools - Drag and Drop
Tools for Concrete Work - Drag and Drop

Modern industrial production has become automated and mechanized, but there are still a huge number of machines in the engineering industry that can be operated manually. The lathe is such a machine, and the operation performed on a lathe is called turning.
The Lathe

Try and name the parts of the lathe correctly.
Parts of the Lathe


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