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Outsourced - Working with the Trailer

Outsourcing India

This trailer for the film Outsourced, offers a colourful presentation of the plot of the film. You may wish to watch the trailer a couple of times before answering the following questions.

Outsourced - movie trailer

  1. What do you think the plot of the story is? How do you think the conflict is solved?
  2. Where does the main character (Todd) come from? In what kind of company is he employed?
  3. What does he think of India and the people at the call-centre?
  4. List some of the problems he encounters in India and at the call-centre.
  5. What advice is he given by the man he eats lunch with? Is it good advice?
  6. Describe the music in the trailer. What effect does it have for the audience?
  7. Describe what you see in the scenes of India.


Education and Work

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Oppgaver og aktiviteter


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