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Shooting Life

Every day we are informed about on-going conflicts in the world. This information is essential for the world community to provide humanitarian assistance and make peace- keeping efforts. But reporting from a danger-zone can be hazardous; war correspondents risk their lives to bring information for us to act upon.

Read the short story, and reflect a bit alone on the following tasks. Then go together with a friend and discuss briefly. After that you can join another pair – and discuss your views in groups of four, and see if you can reach a consensus. If you like, you may then present your points for the other groups and arrange a classroom discussion.

Working with the text

  1. What does the narrator think of his profession?
  2. Comment on the title.
  3. What do you think the narrator means when he says “- but I felt somehow
  4. there was more to it than that.”?
  5. The text gives no information about where this takes place. Suggest where this sort of thing might happen, and give reasons for your answer.
  6. What kind of people would do such things – and what do you think they may want to achieve? Do you know any examples of such situations?
  7. Further research: Hostage taking such as this occurs in real life from time to time. Do some research on the net and find out what happened in these situations:
    • British hostages in Iraq
    • Danish hostages in Somalia
    • RAF and Hanns-Martin Schleyer

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